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Our Service addresses major elements contributing to a successful entrance and continued presence in the German market:


  • Access to quality Deal Flow

  • Local Presence, Expertise and Experience

  • Aid in navigating the German legal and bureaucratic process

  • Assistance in bridging the language and cultural barrier

  • Access to Financing


These elements combine to set the stage for our clients to concentrate on their core competency of identifying value investments in the market.

Market Access, Qaulity Deal Flow & Financing

German Property Investors (GPI) has established a network of regional specialists with access to quality deal flow in major German cities.


Our commitment to our German network partners includes a swift turn around clause which guarantees that we will see the newest properties first, in exchange we are committed to assuring a swift turn around stating our client’s interest.


Our network partners have an established history of collaboration with major local banks (as well as new foreign entrants) allowing us, on occasion, to aid in the arranging of financing for our client’s projects.

Local Expertise & Experience


With over 30 years of experience in the local market and a proprietary investment portfolio spanning shopping centres, office complexes, hotels and residential properties, GPI’s base of operations in Germany allows us to leverage our presence to aid our clients in a successful market entrance and continued presence.


Our collaboration with regional German specialists allows GPI to offer its clients a not only a broad, but a deep level of market insight and know-how.

Legal & Bureaucratic Aid

Our team of specialists is available to our clients to aid in navigating the German legal and bureaucratic process.



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